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I have served on the Goodyear City Council since 2011. I am seeking re‑election to a third and final term. The first question many people ask is why am I serving on the city council? My answer is simple: I believe in this city and everything that we’ve accomplished so far. I want to see it continue to grow and remain strong well into the future. I have a tremendous love and passion for our great city without an agenda or future political aspirations.

Goodyear has continued to thrive in the last eight years despite poor state and national economies. We've added over 3,000 new jobs, increased residential development and received more than $500 million in capital investments by new or expanded businesses. The City Council has taken steps to strengthen our long-term assured water supply, overhauled our older parks, and expanded city facilities to meet the current and future needs of our residents. For example, we've added our first dedicated library in partnership with Maricopa County Library District and beginning in 2019, construction will start on a new Recreation Campus (on Estrella Parkway across from the post office).

I believe that the city has done a good job of creating a place that we all are proud to call home. We have diverse businesses, retail stores, and entertainment — not to mention great national employers. We successfully weathered a tough economic storm when I first was elected in 2011 by shrinking expenses and when the time was right, we reduced the food tax and implemented a gradual easing of property taxes. We all chose to move to Goodyear for reason; maybe it was the schools, the parks, the appearance of the city in general, low crime rates or the quality residential developments. Whatever your reason was, I’d like to see us maintain this level of quality while living within our means.


About Me

I’ve spent more than 30 years working in local government and have dedicated the past eight years to ensuring that we the highest quality services while maintaining a cost structure that balances the needs and desires of the community with our revenues. I have served on both the community funding and audit committees of the city council to protect our resources. My priorities have consistently been to: support conservative fiscal policies, improve government efficiency, assist small businesses, maintain our up‑scale community standards and to protect our neighborhoods with strong public safety agencies.

I moved to Goodyear in May of 2001 with my wife Lisa and our two children after living in a suburb of Boston for almost four years. We’ve been married for 32 years; our daughter and son are marketing professionals living in Phoenix and Tempe respectively. I have a number of my immediate family members living in the city and on the westside of the Valley as well.

I was born and raised in the NW suburbs of Chicago and it is there that we were married and lived until we moved to Massachusetts. I am currently employed as a local government consultant focusing on strategic planning, analyzing organizations and improving operational management. I also contract with the U.S. Army, training their Homeland Response Forces.


I have over 30 years of experience working in local government and now use that expertise to assist other communities as a nationwide consultant. I have lead or worked on regional, state and national committees to improve public safety, enhance local government and find solutions to problems.

As a Current City Council Member, I am on the Board of Directors for Valley Metro and serve as Chairperson of both of the City of Goodyear's Police and Fire Pension Boards. I have previously served on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association. Our efforts were responsible for safeguarding the current and future water supply demands of our region. I've also worked with my fellow councilmembers to meet your needs without raising taxes. We have implemented a number of business practices to improve the efficiency of all city departments, and ensured that much needed improvements in technology were completed.

Previous Boards, Commissions & Committees

  • I served two terms on the City of Goodyear’s Financial Audit Committee to ensure that our financial practices meet the highest governmental standards.
  • I served on the City of Goodyear’s Community Funding Committee to allocate the budgeted monies that assist local non-profit organizations serving our city.
  • I served two terms on the Steering Committee for the National League of Cities and Towns Public Safety and Crime Prevention Committee.
  • I served on the City of Goodyear's Citizen's Budget Committee in 2010.
  • I served on the Massachusetts State Joint Labor-Management Commission. We were responsible for mediating contract disputes between labor organizations and municipalities throughout the state.
  • I served on the Planning Board for the Village of Algonquin, IL as an ex-officio member representing the Algonquin-LITH fire protection district.


Master's Degree in Public Administration
Grand Canyon University

Bachelor's Degree in Fire Administration
Southern Illinois University

I have also been awarded the Executive Fire Officer Certification from the National Fire Academy in Emmittsburg, MD.



What challenges face the city now?

The biggest challenge the city faces is balancing the needs and desires of a city that continues to grow with its ability to fund them. The city relies primarily on property and sales tax to provide services and reinvest in itself. We have continued to implement programs and strategies to make local government more effective, which in turn should make it more efficient. Local government is in place to provide services that people can not provide themselves – water, sewer, public safety, parks, streets, etc. It takes a support network to help provide these services so we need to find a balance between providing services and the right level of support they need. Continuing to raise revenue through higher taxes is NOT an option.

The other major challenge for our city is business development and support. We have great businesses in our city, something that we all appreciate. We have continued to work with the business community to find ways to help them remain in business and then grow their business. Small businesses employ residents, collect sales tax and keep our shopping centers full; we have to do more to help them. As a City Council, we have reduced regulations on signs for small businesses, worked more closely with the Chamber of Commerce and expanded our small business outreach programs.

How do you feel about the current tax rates?

Like you, as a resident of the city I hate to pay any more in taxes than I have to. Our sales tax rate is in the middle of “chart” at 2.5% when it comes to comparisons with other Valley cities. This revenue source allows us to maintain the high quality services and amenities that you have come to love and expect in Goodyear. We have all recently experienced increases in our property taxes as well. However, the city portion of that was very small and was caused by an increase in our home values, and NOT an increase in the city's tax rate. In fact, the property tax rate for Goodyear decreased from a high of $1.90/1000 in 2014 to its current rate of $1.735/1000.

What is your vision of the future for the City of Goodyear?

If we stay on course, remain patient and follow the plans that our residents have been part of creating, we will continue to be a well‑run city that is financially stable. Our transportation and parks master plans have outlined strong strategies to bring additional amenities and services to our city. The recent voter‑approved General Plan has outlined how we want our city zoned, amd the types of amenities and services to be provided. Much like the stock market, we need to be in it for the long‑term.

Like all of you, I want a Goodyear that is a safe place to raise my kids, offers us choices in activities and is affordable. We all made an investment in the city when we moved here; my vision would be to see that investment in Goodyear continue to grow. This starts by having a cooperative and cohesive City Council who puts the needs of its residents first and makes strategic decisions about our future. I hope to have your trust to continue serving and make this vision a reality.


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